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I had taken other herbal classes in the traditional style of teaching and found it difficult to give the theory its clinical application. Because of the ICH course, I came away with the tools I needed to diagnose the complex disharmonies in my patients.
— Pam Atkins
Madison, Wisconsin

Program Two:
Advanced Herbalist Training

Receive Up To 132 Hours Of Continuing Education Credit

All Courses are available on audio CD's or MP3 files. Our Health Professionals Training Program has been approved for Distance Education by the:
  • California State Acupuncture Board (CEUs): Provider number CEP-357
  • National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCA&OM) PDAs: Provider number ACHB-069
Students who elect to complete all courses in Program Two will also receive an ICH Certificate of Completion for the Advanced Herbalist Training Program.

Read about the new 2012 requirements for CEU/PDA.

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Courses Listen Format Hours CD MP3
Course One
  • TCM Systems Review and Diagnosis
  • Classic Tonic Herbs and Formulas for Chi and Blood

  • Listen Now 16 hours $240.00 $204.00
    Course Two
  • Tonic Herbs and Formulas for Yin and Yang: Kidney Tonification

  • Listen Now 16 hours $240.00 $204.00
    Course Three
  • Liver Disharmonies

  • Listen Now 16 hours $240.00 $204.00
    Course Four
  • Spleen, Stomach and Digestive Problems

  • Listen Now 16 hours $240.00 $204.00
    Course Five
  • Herbs for Women

  • Listen Now 16 hours $240.00 $204.00
    Course Six
  • Colds, Flu, Coughs and Asthma

  • Listen Now 16 hours $240.00 $204.00
    Course Seven
  • Pain, Injury and Bi Syndromes

  • Listen Now 16 hours $240.00 $204.00
    Course Eight
  • Lower Burner Problems
  • Herbs for Shen and the Heart
  • Skin Problems

  • Listen Now 20 hours $300.00 $255.00
    Optional Herb Samples- $75.00
    Or, purchase the entire program (SAVE 10%) $1782.00 $1515.00

    Purchase two or more courses
    and receive a 10% discount.

    This program has been used to successfully teach Traditional Chinese Medicine to  Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopathic and Medical Doctors since 1986. Program Two is an advanced study of the Chinese herbal system, including differential diagnosis, designed for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, other health professionals, and Program One graduates. Understanding the dynamics of herbal formulations you will learn in Program Two is essential in order to prescribe even the patent formulas effectively. An important facet of this course is to show practitioners how to modify formulas according to the changing conditions of patients as they go through the healing process.


    Our instructors have studied and practiced the Chinese Medicine system since 1976 allowing them to present Program Two in a very clear and organized manner. This facilitates ease and rapid learning of this system.


    Although the subject matter is uniquely Asian, both the teaching style and methods are geared to optimize learning for the Western mind.



    The response to this course is unanimously positive. We believe that it is the most practical and thorough teaching of Chinese Herbal Medicine. It will increase your mastery of this traditional herbal system and greatly improve your skills as a healer.

    Course Details

    All classes include extensive notes. We have found that having an outline of each class allows the student to focus on learning and understanding the information being taught. (Instead of trying to keep up with writing everything down).


    1. A background in the basics of Chinese Medicine Theory (Eight Entities)
    2. Or completion of our Comprehensive Herbalist Training Program

    This program includes a review of the basic principles. However, If you feel you do not have an adequate background in TCM theory, we suggest that you begin with Section One in our Comprehensive Herbalist Training Program, before beginning this program.

    Who should take this program:

    1. Health professionals who are actively engaged in treating patients and wish to integrate Chinese herbal medicine into their practice
    2. Graduates of our Comprehensive Herbalist Training Program

    Each class will consist of:

    • A review of symptoms and practical diagnosis related to the herbs and formulas presented
    • A thorough discussion of individual herb formulas
    • A presentation of the major Chinese patent formulas that pertain to the syndromes presented as well as some of the important American made Chinese herbal products
    • Methods of modifying basic formulas according to the differentiation of symptoms and signs
    • Case studies which will illustrate and help clarify through example
    • Home review exercises, designed to help optimize your learning. The answers will be discussed in class