Institute of Chinese Herbology School

The Institute of Chinese Herbology - Modern Teaching of Ancient Wisdom™

Are you looking to add Chinese Herbology to your existing practice, or looking for a meaningful career in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The Institute of Chinese Herbology is the internet’s best online instruction in the ancient art of Chinese Herbology, taught by experienced English-first-language professionals. 

Our teaching method is fast, effective and complete. Unlike traditional education, you will learn the holistic principles of Chinese Medicine including diagnosis and traditional herbal formulas that are thousands of years old.

We teach you how to administer the use of traditional or patent Formulas and how to modify them to suit your Patient’s needs; getting to the Root cause of their imbalance.

We are the leading Online School of Chinese Herbology where you will learn directly from Master Herbalists of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The Institute of Chinese Herbology, where professionals and people interested in learning Traditional Chinese Medicine come to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to add Chinese Herbology to their practice. 

This is also the place where aspiring students come to acquire accurate, complete training and earn their certification in Chinese Herbology. 

The Institute of Chinese Herbology is the leading Online School of Chinese Herbology

Our Online Chinese Herbology Programs provide in-depth virtual training courses in the art and science of Chinese Herbology. These courses cover the theory and the practical application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The Institute of Chinese Herbology Online Training Program includes:

The Comprehensive Fundamentals of Chinese Herbology - Program One

Learn the Fundamental concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine including, patterns of disharmony, diagnostic methods, herbs, traditional herbal formulas and how to modify them.

Advanced Herbalist Training - Program Two

This program covers the dynamics of herbal formulation essential to proscribe patent formulas effectively. This program also covers how to modify formulas to treat the changing conditions of your patients as they progress through the healing process. 

This Advanced Herbalist Training is specifically designed for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) graduates, experienced health professionals, or those who have completed The Comprehensive Fundamentals of Chinese Herbology - Program One 

Certified Herbalist Training - Program Three

The prerequisite for Program Three is the completion of Program One - The Comprehensive Fundamentals of Chinese Herbology or its equivalent, as well as Program Two:  Advanced Herbalist Training

Through Program Three you can earn your certified herbalist certificate.  

In this program, we provide 30 case studies of health imbalances for you to develop diagnostic solutions and herbal formulas. 

We then provide instructor feedback for each case study to help you develop and improve your diagnostic and herbal formulation abilities. 

This program is completed with the issuing of a Certified Herbalist Certificate from the Institute of Chinese Herbology.

Each of our three online comprehensive Chinese Herbology Programs are designed to provide a deep understanding of the foundations of Chinese herbal healing.

This program will provide the practical knowledge you need to add this ancient healing to your practice.

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