Certified Herbalist Training - Program Three

Once you have completed both Program One and Program Two, you may apply for Certified Herbalist Certification by enrolling in Program Three: Certified Herbalist Training.  

This Section consists of thirty written case studies which an instructor will review and give you detailed written feedback to help improve your diagnostic and herbal formulation abilities.

Then, students are given the opportunity to observe the effects of their formulas on their own patients by writing their cases, patient diagnostics, formulas, and outcomes of which are evaluated one on one with an instructor from the school.

After completion, students become Certified Herbalists and will receive an Institute of Chinese Herbology Certified Herbalist Certificate.

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Program Three
Approx. 100 hrs
Optional Herb Samples

Includes a sample of the 155+ herbs taught in throughout the courses. These herb samples are included in Program One with purchase of Introduction to Chinese Herbology, Key Concepts and Therapeutic Principles.



Once you have completed the following programs:

  1. Comprehensive Herbalist Training
  2. Advanced Herbalist Training

(Health professionals who have a background in Chinese Medicine need only to complete the Advanced Herbalist Training to fulfill the prerequisite.)

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