Advanced Herbalist Training - Program Two

This is the second program in the series of Three primary programs offered by ICH to earn your Certification as an Herbalist

The Advanced Herbalist Training Course: Program Two is an in-depth study of the Chinese herbal system, including differential diagnosis, specifically designed for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) graduates and other health professionals, graduates not only from ICH’s Program One but from other TCM schools.

In Program Two, you will learn the dynamics of herbal formulations, an essential element of prescribing effective herbal formulas for patients. And, you will learn how to modify these formulas according to the changing conditions of your patients as they go through the healing process. These TCM techniques of healing are taught in an organized system of procedures that is tailored to the Western methodology of education. 

Successful completion of Program One: Fundamentals of Chinese Herbology is a prerequisite for Program Two: The Advanced Herbalist Training Course. However, you are able to “test out” of this prerequisite should you possess sufficient knowledge and experience. 

This Program is taught by Kenneth Morris L.Ac., a master in Traditional Chinese Medicine who has several decades of experience as a practitioner and has studied Chinese systems of healing since 1976. 

The response to this course has always been unanimously positive. We believe that it is the most practical and thorough teaching course of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the country. It will increase your mastery of this traditional herbal system and greatly improve your skills as a healer.

This training program has been taught as a series of seminars to Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors since 1993, and has been updated to remain current and thorough.

Course Details

The Advanced Herbalist Training Course: Program Two is an integrated approach to teaching Chinese Herbal Medicine. Almost all Schools of Herbology, both in China and in the West, present a compartmentalized approach to teaching Chinese Medicine; medical theory, diagnosis, clinical practice, individual herbs, herbal formulas, and then finally modifying those formulas; all are usually presented in separate classes that drag on stretch on for years. It is usually not until the very end, if at all, that the student works with all the domains of Chinese Medicine at the same time.

We believe that Western students learn more effectively from an integrated approach. This approach included the theory, diagnostic methods, clinical practice, as well as learning herbs and formulas together in each class. In addition, the emphasis is placed on clinical applications, so students will find each class to be both practical and clinically useful.

All students will receive extensive class notes for each session in a straight-forward outline format.

TCM Systems Review and Diagnosis/Classic Tonic Herbs and Formulas for Qi and Blood

TCM Systems Review and Diagnosis (4 hours)

A review of important categories and systems of traditional Chinese medicine integrated with a review of crucial diagnostic criteria. This class is a foundation for the study of Chinese herbal medicine. Students find that this seminar not only provides them with a concise review of Chinese theory, but also helps to provide them with a deeper understanding of how to approach clinical diagnosis.

Classic Tonic Herbs and Formulas for Qi and Blood (12 hours)

Classic formulas for Chi and Blood deficiency, Spleen tonics and formulas for chronic Spleen wetness and yang deficiency. This class is essential for working with energy problems (general fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion) and immune deficiency. It also provides a foundation for working with digestive disorders. Also covered in this class: an overview of the history of Chinese medicine, nomenclature for studying herbs, methods of making teas and traditional ways of understanding formulas.

16 hours
Tonic Herbs and Formula for Yin and Yang: Kidney Tonification

Tonic Herbs and Formula for Yin and Yang: Kidney Tonification (16 hours)

Yin tonics for lung, stomach, liver, kidney and heart. Classic herbal formulas for Kidney Yin, Yang and Jin. This class covers all the kidney syndromes.

16 hours
Liver Disharmonies

Liver Disharmonies (16 hours)

Herbs and formulas for all Liver imbalances: Liver Chi Stagnation, Liver Yang Rising and Liver Wind, Liver Blood and Liver Yin deficiency, Shao Yang conditions, Liver Fire in the Head, Liver Congestion with Damp Heat Descending, plus liver related eye problems.

16 hours
Spleen, Stomach and Digestive Problems

Spleen, Stomach and Digestive Problems (16 hours)

Herbs and formulas for various digestive and related problems including: Spleen Wetness, food stagnation, diarrhea, constipation, Cold in the Center, Stomach Heat, Liver Invading the Stomach and Spleen. Understanding Root and Branch in the construction of formulas.

16 hours
Herbs for Women Section

Herbs for Women Section (16 hours)

An in-depth presentation of theory, herbs and formulas for common gynecological conditions including: dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, tumors, cysts, fibroids, uterine bleeding. PMS, irregular menstruation and menopause.

16 hours
Colds, Flu, Coughs and Asthma

Colds, Flu, Coughs and Asthma (16 hours)

Learn to differentiate and treat the various patterns of colds, flu, sore throat, coughs and asthma according to Chinese medicine using raw herbs and patent formulas. Prevention and treatment for resolving symptoms caused by viral strains which are basically untreatable by allopathic drugs. Every year new strains wreak havoc on the bodies of millions. After this class, your patients should not need those (questionable) "Flu Shots".

16 hours
Pain, Injury and Bi Syndromes

Pain, Injury and Bi Syndromes (16 hours)

Herbs and formulas and patent medicines for pain due to traumatic injury and the comprehensive topic of Bi (arthritic) syndromes. We will also discuss how to use some of the extremely effective biological supplements now available for chronic pain and arthritis.

16 hours
Lower Burner Problems/Shen and the Heart/Skin Problems

Lower Burner Problems (6 hours)

Herbs and formulas for various acute and chronic "Lower Burner" dysfunction, including urinary tract infections, vaginal discharge and prostatitis.

Herbs for Shen and the Heart (7 hours)

Herbs and formulas for problems of the "Heart", including restlessness, nervousness and anxiety, insomnia and palpitations.

Skin Problems (7 hours)

Herbs and formulas for treating various Skin Wind problems such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

20 hours
All Courses in Program Two

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116 hours